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fnl - only one night matters

Friday Night Lights - "The Cool Side of Satin," Tyra & Lyla, T

Title: The Cool Side of Satin
Author: lindentree
Rating: T
Character(s): Tyra Collette, Lyla Garrity
Word Count: 2,787
By hour two, Tyra was genuinely wondering whether she had lost her damn mind. 
Notes: Set during 1x22 "State." I always wondered how that drive home went for these two. Title and lyrics are from Neko Case's "Margaret vs. Pauline," which is a Tyra vs. Lyla song if ever there was one.

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fnl - only one night matters

True Grit - "With No Lodestar In Sight", Mattie/LaBoeuf, T

Title: With No Lodestar In Sight – 12/12
Author: [info]lindentree
Rating: T
Character(s): Mattie Ross/LaBoeuf, Rooster Cogburn
Word Count: 7,258
Summary: Five years after her adventure in the Choctaw Nation, Mattie Ross runs afoul of a fugitive. She soon finds herself in familiar company, if not familiar territory.
Notes: I didn't anticipate that it would take me months to finish this last chapter. I've been struggling with writer's block for the last six months, and this fic has been the primary victim of that. Thank you so, so much to all of you who have continued to send me encouraging messages over the last few months. Your continued interest has buoyed me up and pushed me to finish this fic. I can't thank you enough.

Thanks also to ishie, whose tireless cheerleading and hand-holding has been fundamental to the writing of this fic. ILU BB. <3

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fnl - only one night matters

American Horror Story - "Furnace Room Lullaby", Violet/Tate, M

Title: Furnace Room Lullaby - 1/?
Author: lindentree
Rating: M
Character(s:): Violet/Tate
Word Count: 4,056
Summary: "Nothing, not even light, can escape." A Violet/Tate AU mystery-horror murder ballad AU set in 1994.
Notes: Yes, this is yet another Violet/Tate AU set in 1994. The concept is done to death at this point, but I guess I just wanted to explore my own version, so I hope some of you out there are willing to humour me.

I don't want to give away too much about what's the same and what isn't. All you need to know for the purposes of this story is that Violet is a year younger than Tate, and the Harmons have just moved into the Murder House for the same reasons we were presented with in the pilot episode. Some scenes/sections of dialogue will be familiar in order to maintain character and highlight some parallel plotlines, but this is not a retelling of the story we saw in season 1. Short version: everything else will (hopefully) become clear along the way, so please bear with me and the mystery.

The title of the fic and the lyrics at the beginning of this chapter are taken from Neko Case's song "Furnace Room Lullaby."

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fnl - only one night matters

American Horror Story - "Sharpen Up Those Dragging Hooks," Violet/Tate, M

Title: sharpen up those dragging hooks
Author: [info]lindentree
Rating: M
Character(s): Violet/Tate
Word Count: 8,716
Summary: After they scare the first family out of the house, Violet begins to punish Tate.
Notes: So, this is a thing that I wrote. It didn't turn out exactly how I'd hoped, but ~it's a process. Thanks to M & ishie for all the nonjudgmental hand-holding. The title of the fic and the lyrics are from "Dragging Hooks (River Song Trilogy Part III)" by Cowboy Junkies.

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fnl - only one night matters

American Horror Story recs

So, I've gotten into American Horror Story. In part because it's a steaming hot jambalaya of crazy, but also because I seem to have developed genuine thoughts and feelings about Tate/Violet. I know, I know.

Anyway, have some quality recs, as there's not a ton of great fic for this pairing, for reasons which are probably obvious:

Have To Be You by chinesebakery:

The looks she gives me then, full of contempt - it does something to me. Like a switch. For a moment there, I don't see Nora's face. I see my mother, staring back at me with distaste. I have this impulse, this crazy, scary impulse, and it's all I can do not to hit her. Hit her until there's nothing solid left. After she's gone, I look at my hands for a long time, it's like they belong to someone else.

Accidents Will Happen by chinesebakery:

She hesitated only a few seconds before rising to his bait. Her scars looked nothing like his, all red and fresh and fierce. It was very appealing to him, that blend of defiance, anger and rawness. He could tell she was smarter than the rest and was well aware of it. Maybe if he'd met someone like her years before, someone worthy of an effort, things would have turned out differently.

Tried To Go Where It Led But It Didn't Lead To Anything by stainofmylove:

There’s a crying woman that sits at the edge of his bed sometimes, and Tate misses her when they lose the house and end up moving into the smaller one next door. She’s always easy to calm down as long as he uses the right tone of voice, which he likes, and her hands are very soft.

Sometimes he imagines that he’s her son.

Asks her things like, “Don’t we look alike, Mother?” Touches his hair to hers. Or her slight, pale wrist to his. Kisses her lips softly.

And her brow furrows, and she’ll agree. But really he’s too old, much too old, it just can’t be, it’s all wrong, and then he has to calm her down all over again.

Nightmares Become Me by stainofmylove:

Maybe something’s broken in her. Maybe she just hates everything and everyone else so much more. Maybe she watches too much television. But all in all, she’s sort of okay with it. All of it. She hasn’t cut herself in two days.

An Illustrated Book About Birds by Nokomis:

“It’s okay,” Tate says, stroking her head. His fingers tangle into her hair, tugging slightly against a snarl. She wonders how much pressure it takes to pull a trigger. “It’s okay.”

the after hours by andbless_mybaby:

It’s just that everything about her is the best thing ever: the ashy taste of cigarettes when they’re making out, the thin ladder of scars up her arms, her small breasts. Sometimes it feels like he opens his mouth and this inappropriate shit rolls out on its own, like it’s being hammered out by his heart. He wants to do all kinds of nasty things to her. He wants to rub his inner filthiness all over her, make her just like him. She’s perfect for him.